The Vivani Process

The pleasure of chocolate in its many forms has been around for centuries and can be traced back to the Mayans and Aztecs who drank it during ceremonial and religious celebrations. In the 1500’s while the Spanish explorer Cortez was on one of his conquering missions, he was introduced to chocolate but found it to be too bitter and it was only after he had racked up a few more conquests such as the Caribbean islands that someone had the bright idea of adding sugar, which created great excitement and consumption back in Spain. Initially, chocolate was consumed as a drink and it was only in 1847 that an English company discovered the secret to creating solid chocolate that could be eaten. The rest is history, as various significant players in the evolution of chocolate kept inventing new and improved ways of making chocolate more delectable and addictive.

Here at Vivani we have learnt the lessons that history has to teach and have developed a process that brings you bliss wrapped up in art. This is how we do it.

We buy our cocoa beans from developing third world countries that follow organic farming protocols, which gives us a bean that is free from chemicals, pesticides and inorganic compounds. We do this firstly to ensure that your pleasure is entirely natural and filled with goodness and secondly to support these hard working farmers in creating a sustainable living. Western Africa is the largest producer in the world, providing ? of the global cocoa yield. They take the process to a certain point before shipping it to us.

The pods, which vary in colour, are picked from the trees, split open and then sandwiched in banana leaves and left to ferment. This can take anywhere from five to ten days but is important as it removes the bitter taste of the bean and brings out the flavour. During fermentation, the beans’ colours change until they become the rich brown colour that we associate with cocoa beans.

Next the beans need to be dried so that they do not become mouldy. The process is simple; the beans are placed on a bamboo mat and left in the sun. Once dried, they are packed and can be transported to our factory.

Once we receive the beans, the first thing we do is clean them and then once sorted they are roasted. Roasting is crucial to release that come-hither scent of chocolate and to loosen the bean inside the shell.

Now that the aroma is sorted, the next step is to create a texture that is smooth, shiny and that sends your mouth into heavenly orbit. The beans are refined using a number of processes. A number of grinding processes are used to create a smooth golden liquid and solid cake of chocolate residue.

The second step of blending is guarded jealously as, it is involves creating our range from carefully crafted recipes that are designed to satiate both your senses and your emotions. So enough said – one bite and you will see what we mean.

Further grinding takes place and the manner that is used creates frictional heat which liquefies the cocoa butter creating a sumptuous mass with a rich chocolate bouquet. This mass is then pressed under high pressure, which removes the cocoa butter in the form of a golden liquid.

Besides our recipes, it is our conching process that differentiates the range and creates our award winning chocolates. Conching was the accidental brainwave of Rodolphe Lindt back in 1879. The story goes that he forgot a mixer running overnight and although initially distraught over the waste and expense, after tasting it, he realised that he had made a major breakthrough in chocolate manufacturing. We have extended our conching period to 18 hours so that the rollers can, over an extended time period, constantly mix and refine the chocolate leaving it smooth and light. Once we are satisfied with the consistency and flavour of the chocolate, we cool it, shape it and add the additional ingredients such as nuts, strawberries or chilli. Click here to feast your eyes on the full range of our chocolates

Our process adds quality every step of the way and so naturally we have taken that to the next level and applied it to our wrapping. Each chocolate’s wrapper is a work of art and is painted by an artist who translates her belief that colours also have tastes and that the taste of chocolate brings something to mind that she needs to share on her canvass. This approach flows so smoothly with our conviction that Vivani satisfies each and every sense in every possible way. So join our world and enjoy an enlightened and sumptuous experience.

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